Tus-T Water emphasizes the importance of water in a child’s daily nutritional regimen. Any type of drinking water consumption is valuable. The key point is to stay hydrated while reducing childhood obesity.

According to recent research done in 2015 by The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, a study was done on over a million children in a little over 1,200 schools and found that compared to children that did not drink as much water, thousands of New York School children lost weight and lowered their body mass index after water dispensers were placed in schools.

Experts believe that these results could lead to a breakthrough in the battle against childhood obesity. Although the numbers are not as high as desired, doctors are looking for anything that might have an impact.

Research shows that it’s difficult to help children loose weight because the reduction of too many calories may impact their growth. The lowering of childhood obesity is critical.

Researchers say water is a low-cost, high-impact tool against childhood obesity and encourage teachers and parents to take note of the simple tactic.